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Easy On Off Shaker Mixer GML-C1069

Marka : Gimel
Ürün Kodu: GML-C1069

Minimum Sipariş Adedi: 1

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700 cc Liquid reservoir,
flat strainer,
Easy-open lid
Advanced sealed technology,
It does not contain BPA and derivatives harmful to health.
Suitable for food contact.
Color options according to your style,
Your logo, visual printing on 700 ML Protein Shaker Mixer,
It can be washed in the dishwasher.
It can be put in the deep freezer.

700 ML Protein Shaker Mixer is manufactured/produced by our company, which is used by athletes doing heavy sports such as bodybuilding, fitness, weightlifting, which is used to easily mix and homogenize the sports nutritional support products with water. Companies that sell supplemental nutrition supplements for athletes or gyms can supply their customers with Protein Shaker Mixer products that they need as sales or promotions from our company.


Our company currently produces 10 different models of the product that users call Fitness Shaker, Protein Shaker,  Shaker Mixer. Each product has different features. By examining our products, you can choose the product that is suitable for your consumption. In your wholesale orders (1000 and above), we can produce the product you have chosen with visual printing and deliver it to your business.


There are many factors that affect the price when purchasing a shaker, and we offer buyers a wide range of prices. Each of the shaker products we produce has different features. In addition, the logo visual graphic works to be done on it are effective in determining the price of the shaker. One hundred percent satisfaction is guaranteed with protein shaker mixers price design quality.

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