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Design Protein Shaker No:2 GML-C1631

Marka : Gimel
Ürün Kodu: GML-C1631

Minimum Sipariş Adedi: 1

Stoklar ve fiyatlar anlık değişkenlik gösterebilir. Baskı dahil net alış fiyatlarınız ve güncel stok için teklif isteyiniz.


Supplementary foods required by athletes who do heavy conditioning sports that require high effort such as Fitness Shaker, bodybuilding and fitness are produced as powder, pill or liquid. It is necessary to dilute these foods such as amino acids, protein, carbohydrates, fat burners just before consuming them. Plastic powder product mixing cups, known as Fitness Shaker and which our company is also a manufacturer of, provide a good homogeneous drink without clumping while mixing the nutrients with water.

You can easily mix these additional nutrients before or after sports exercise with a fitness shaker to make them homogeneous and ideal.

There are many types of fitness shaker mixer protein powder mixing bowl produced by Gimel. By ordering wholesale products from Gimel, which produces more than 10 varieties, you can both provide price advantage and advertise your business or distribute it to your customers as a promotion by printing your own logo graphic visual on the fitness shaker you purchased.

The Fitness Shaker mixer and other products we manufacture are carefully produced from raw materials suitable for food contact and never contain BPA or any toxic substances.

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