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Design Protein Shaker GML-C1630

Marka : Gimel
Ürün Kodu: GML-C1630

Minimum Sipariş Adedi: 1

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Protein Shaker Mixer
500 ml / Tablet and Powder Storage Compartment / With Hanger

500 cc. liquid reservoir,
concave strainer,
dust storage chamber,
Tablet capsule storage chamber
It has a carrying hanger,
Advanced sealed technology,
It does not contain toxic substances.
It does not contain BPA and derivatives harmful to health.
Suitable for food contact.
Color options according to your style,
Logo visual printing can be done on the shaker according to your request.
It can be washed in the dishwasher.
It can be put in the deep freezer.
Shaker Mixer; It is produced for the purpose of diluting sports nutritional supplements such as protein powder, BCAA, creatine. In sports drinks made by using a shaker mixer, a homogeneous drink can be obtained without clumping and clumping in water. The shaker mixer has sections under it that function as a storage container for carrying powder and tablet sports nutrition support products. In this way, you can carry your supplement products in a healthy and hygienic way and you can consume them by diluting them whenever you want. With these features, our product is suitable for bodybuilding, weightlifting, gymnastics, fitness, etc., which require high power, strength and effort. It is indispensable for athletes who do sports.

Manufacturer/manufacturer company Gimel products are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.

Our company Gimel is designing and producing/manufacturing shaker mixer products. If the companies that sell sports support products and gyms want to order wholesale protein shakers as a sales or promotional product, they can get a wholesale product price offer from our company. In addition, we can produce our products with your company logo and graphics for wholesale purchases.

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